[…] With a lyrical sensitivity honed by his chamber-music performances, Haywood creates melodies scaled to perfection against a patina of swirling accompaniment […]
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I was just pondering... Why do you never see Lieder singers who accompany themselves? Pop and jazz musicians do it all the time. I heard the jazz singer/pianist JoAnn Funk do this brilliantly last night at The St Paul Hotel.

You do away with any ensemble problems, disagreements about interpretation and achieve an unparalleled sense of unity! It would be easy to arrange on stage - you'd just take the lid off the piano and swing it round so you're facing the audience.

Does anyone know of someone on the music scene today who does this? There is a recording on YouTube of Sir George Henschel, a friend of Brahms, accompanying himself with Schubert and Schumann songs - some recorded in 1928 when he was 78! youtu.be/uXfuSACOQXw
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